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lc2I am a digital artist and have been involved with renders and game modding for a long time. I’m actually living in São Paulo, Brazil, but seeking new challenges on a different site to gain more experience on the field I love, that is game development.

My first contact with 3D environments happend back in 1994, even before I started mygraduation in architecture when I started using autoCAD for engineering development and then, five years later I started working with 3dsMax and have been since then, acounting now 16 years of experience, most of it devoted to create diverse game assets to the games I love.
During the past decade and half I have been working professionally with 3D focused on architectural visualization, as I graduated as Architect in 2002, but parallel to that full-time job,I have been producing game content either as a modder as a freelancer.
Between 2007 and 2014 most of my attention was focused on the development of the Excalibur fan game. Along with the team I’ve created dozens of AAA quality starships and interior sets that were ready to be used into the game which was based on a proprietary engine. Late 2014 the development suffered a major decay and most of the team disbanded. The project still continues with part of the original team but it was moved to the unreal engine.
I also have experience with Unity, as when working with architectural visualization I’ve
created interactive environments for Virtual reality walkthroughs, and recently made experiencies using it along with Google Cardboard.
My background as an architect gives me a better understanding of interior and exterior spaces and helps me build reasonable and believable interiors and landscapes, as this has been my fulltime job. I’m also very experienced in building any kind of props and vehicles, which I can produce and fit into any level of detail.
In 2010 I took classes on low poly character modeling on the most important school of
CGI of Brazil, and started working with zBrush for digital sculpting.
In 2016 I started learning and working with PBR workflow and started using Substance painter as a tool for texturing. This year I also started working with the team that built the Jets DLC for the Award Wining Game Arma III.
During the development of this I started studying Maya as an alternative to the 3DS Max Package and with substance designer as a complementary tool to Painter.

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