Arma III – Jets DLC – UCAV Sentinel




The UCAV Sentinel, in the same way as the Praetorian 1C was inspired by a real life counterpart, the Northrop Grumman X-47B. There was, however, also room for creativity when imagining the near future version of the drone lineage. As the main source for that I went looking for the other aircraft that has a similar profile, the B-2 Spirit bomber.


The main body profile remains similar to the X-47, but the details were refined into a more agressive, B-2 profile. This included the twin separated engines, the intake and the wing tips bend. The final appearance follows the line of the Black Wasp II, which also goes further close to the Spirit, opposed to the light color scheme of the X-47.

The build process was once again based on the nex-gen workflow.
A High resolution mesh was built and used for the approval of the overall look of the aircraft.

Based on this high resolution mesh, the actual ingame mesh was built and unwrapped.
All those steps were built on 3DS Max 2017.

The model was then brought to Substance Painter 2, where the normal maps were baked and then the textures were created at it. Few adjustments were done to the textures later in Photoshop, but the model remains quite faithfull to what was exported of Substance.

With the textures done, the model was brought back to 3DS Max where the additional LODs were created and finally exported ingame.


Bottom line, from right to left: High resolution mesh, Lods 0, 1 and 2;

Top Line, from right to left: Lods 3 and 4, shadow Lods 0 and 10

Those are beauty shots of the model running ingame.