Arma III – Jets DLC – Praetorian 1C



The Praetorian 1C was designed using the Phalanx CIWS as main reference (Image bellow). The functionality of it aswell as the basic design is very close, but upgraded to the Arma III future timeline. The main goal of this turret is to serve as defensive AAA system for the U.S.S Freedom Supercarrier.

When thinking on how a CIWS system would look in a near future I used other NATO equipment as aditional references, like the M1 Abrahms, the Real USS Freedom and the USS Independance. All of those are mainly angular structures without curves, following the actual “stealth” look.
After the praetorian concept was aproved, the team decided to follow these basic lines following then on the other defensive systems at the carrier (Mk-49 Spartan and Mk-21 Centurion, both SAM systems).

The building process followed the next-gen asset creation workflow, adapted to work the Arma III RV4 engine, which works with spec-gloss shaders opposed to PBR ones.
A high poly model was built (which worked to design approval), and once that model was finished, a low poly ingame mesh was built over it. Both those models were built in 3DS MAX.

High Poly Mesh:


Low Poly Mesh:

After the unwrapping process was done, the model was then sent to Substance Painter where it was textured using shaders that would match the carrier painting and which were adapted to be used on the other Defensive systems, so everything would match and have similar appearance.

The model were then brought back to max for the build of the remaining LODs and the actual Shadow LODs.

Arma3-JetsDLC-Praetorian-09Bottom Line, from right to left: High Res mesh, Lods 0, 1 and 2
Top Line, from right to left: Lod 3 and 4, shadow lod 0 and 10

Finally the textures were tweaked in Photoshop including some adjustments between the substance output and the way RV4 renders the textures and the model was exported for the engine for testing.

Bellow are some ingame shots of the model in idle and firing behaviour.