Arma III – Jets DLC


In july of 2016 I was contacted and invited by the B01 Team leaders to be part of the team and work on the upcoming DLC to the multi award winning game Arma III, which planned to include better support to jets in the game.
I was to take care of the independant figther, the Attack drone and the AAA system for the upcoming Carrier.
Since I was a kid I am a huge fan of aircrafts (queue Top Gun’s Danger Zone!) so it was a very easy decision to take.


The DLC is divided into premium content which is the actual DLC material and the free bonus content that was made available to all the Arma 3 players.
The premium content consists of the 3 Jets: The F/A-181 Black Wasp II for the NATO faction, The To-201 Shikra for the CSAT, and The A-149 Gryphon for the independant faction (AAF); plus the unmaned drone (UCAV) Sentinel also for the Nato Faction.
The bonus content consists of the U.S.S Freedom Carrier that belongs to the Nato faction including the surface-to-air remote defensive systems (that can also be controlled), plus engine related upgrades: sensor overhaul, extended hitpoints, dynamic vehicle loadouts among others.

Now, after a year of intense work, the Jets DLC is finally released and we can talk a bit more about the development of it.



This is the Official Launch trailer released by Bohemia Interactive:

As mentioned before I was responsible for the Gryphon, the Sentinel and the Praetorian 1C AAA system for the carrier. I’ll make a series of posts detailing the making of these assets.



Here are some beauty shots took exclusively ingame to showcase the final result of the project.
Some were taken by the team during development, some others by the community during the test period in the development branch.


Closer to the release date, I was also asked to make a new patch for the players to use aswell as icons for the steam achievements related to the DLC:




Here are some more official videos about the DLC:

Aircraft Carrier Reveal trailer

Scanning the horizon, DLC official announcement

And some amazing unofficial videos made by the community:

Unofficial fanmade trailer by CallMehTOMMEH

Fanmade Video by Brothers in Arms

Finally, more information about the DLC can be found here: